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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of some frequently asked questions and answers follow. Should you have any additional questions please call one of our program advisors:

Q. Why should I go for a Diploma program instead of a Degree program?
A. Firstly, our Online Diploma programs saves you 50% of the total cost from any other academic program, as these are Live interactive instructor-led Online program which you may study at your own convenience from home.
Secondly, it makes you industry ready, you may progress directly for employment right after completion of your Diploma programs.
Thirdly, you always have an additional advantage to progress to direct third year degree top-up from top Universities. Alternatively, you may also progress to degree top-up through online mode from us (We are in the process of tying-up with globally recognized Universities to give you degree top-up).

Q. How to get started?
A. One may browse through the course overview and other information on our website and take a look at the Entry requirements for the particular program.

Q. What do the fees include?
A. Our fees include:
Study materials you need
Our seasoned Faculty (who you can contact by Email/Chat whenever you need to)
Your student support co-ordinator (who you can contact by email or phone whenever you need to)
Access to our recorded lectures.

Q. How affordable is the program fee?
A. Mercury Virtual Edexcel, UK Diploma programs are affordable and to further reduce your burden we have special payment plans for students (please see the admission process section). Additionally, you may also get in touch with our support team to get details on the course fees and special payment options.

Q. I have plenty of work experience in my area of interest but no real qualifications. Can I still apply?
A. In case, you are not sure about your eligibility you may contact us. We consider experience just as valuable as qualifications. However, we consider your application on its own merit.

Q. In case I already have a qualification, will this qualification allow me to gain exemptions from the course and/or will the cost be reduced?
A. Again, we consider your application on its own merit. Although it depends a lot on the particular course you have chosen, however the best way to find out is by applying to us.

Q. How does Instructor-led Live Interactive Virtual learning work?
A. With Instructor-led Live Interactive Virtual learning you follow a Globally Recognized Higher Education and Diploma without a need to visit campus. You study anywhere in the world, wherever it is convenient for you.
We provide you with the study material you need, faculty for academic support and a student support co-ordinator who will help make your studying successful and enjoyable.
Virtual/Online learning makes studying flexible, affordable and interactive.

Q. How and where do I get course material?
A. As soon as your admission gets confirmed, you may access your own course material online via student login that will be provided to you. Alternatively, we may also ship you additional reference material sometimes.

Q. Are the study materials text-based or online?
A. Although it depends on the particular course you choose. Mostly, it is a combination of both, in case, the material is not online, we courier you the study material. You need not worry; you will get everything that is required to complete your course successfully.

Q. Do I need a Computer?
A. We need you to be online to take up Live Interactive Instructor led Programs. There are specific software requirements. Please call us for further information.

Q. Will there be any classroom lectures or workshops? Will I be able to meet my Faculty face-to-face?
A. All the courses are set up to give you the convenience of Virtual (Online) learning. However, you will be able to contact your faculty or student support coordinators whenever there is a need.

Q. Can I study from anywhere in the world?
A. Yes, you can study wherever you are in the world.

Q. Will my qualification be the same one as campus students get?
A. Yes, your qualifications are considered equivalent to the one who study in a campus. Also, the certificate you would get would be a certificate as if you’d studied on campus.

Q. How many hours per week should I devote?
A. Primarily, it depends a lot on the particular course you have chosen. However, we recommend at least 15-20 hours. Planning study time and keeping your momentum is mandatory for succeeding in any academic or learning program.

Q. What is the Bandwidth required to seek virtual classes from Mercury Virtual?
A. One requires 700Kbps or more for simultaneous screen sharing, video and audio conferencing.

Q. What if I need more time to complete my studies, can I take a break?
A. In case of illness, relocation or need to take break from your studies for some or the other reasons, you will always get the best option from our end to accommodate you. Our student support co-ordinator will be there to explain your options.

Q. What happens if I fail something?
A. In case you fail an assessment, you need not worry, as you are allowed to submit it again at least one more time or as per the course requirement. Your faculty will be there to give you detailed feedback to get you prepared properly.

Q. How do I sit exams?
A. Depending on your specific course, you would be assessed online. For more details please get in touch with us.

Q. What if I find the course too difficult to pass?
A. Don’t worry! We do not enroll any student if we are not sure that they will be able to clear it. For more information please get in touch with us.

Q. Do I have any support mechanisms?
A. Students get access to Online Learning tool and also have constant support of the faculty upon admission. Additionally, we have student counselors/ coordinators support through email and chats.

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